Fay Beck is a Greek and Cypriot filmmaker currently based in London. Her work often focuses on themes such as suicide, mental illness, violence and women.

Formerly, she trained as an actress and studied Psychology, Philosophy, Film, Culture and Gender Studies.

In her writing and directing she experiments with form and often creates work that traverses or blends genre and style.

Fay is the founder of the Actors Door Studio, a London based acting studio training actors using a well regarded acting method she developed. The technique allows actors to delve in-depth into the mind and emotional world of their characters.

Fay often casts actors she has trained in her films. I XXXX My Sex Doll is Fay Beck’s fifth film in which star actors she has developed.

Two of Fay’s most recent short films, The Breakup & Collector’s Protocol were selected in 5 international film festivals. Her first feature, SOMA, is currently in Pre-Production.

Martina Avogadri trained as an actress at the prestigious drama school, Paolo Grassi in Milan, where she graduated in 2012.

Alongside her acting training, Martina undertook Philosophy studies at the University of Milan and completed her degree in Aesthetics, the philosophy of art.

In late 2016 Martina moved to London. Here she trained at the Actors Door Studio, becoming a character actor and she cuncurrently started working as a Producer, with the mission of bringing compelling stories to life.

Her background studies in Philosophy have provided her with precious analytical skills and insight into fundamental problems concerning art and human essence. She merges this insight with her instinct and knowledge of the acting craft.

This dual approach grounds her work as a filmmaker.

Martina has produced a few short films with other film production company Angry Bee Films, alongside fellow producer and director Fay Beck. 

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