Our aim is to bring to audiences provocative content, presented in visually engaging ways. As filmmakers we believe that art should impact, move, excite, inspire and challenge.

As an organisation we aspire to move away from the various processes and forces, (commercial, social and practical) that have led to the presentation of the same content, reiterated in the same ways; and we see the stultification of the Hollywood system as a warning.

We embrace diversity in all forms: social, racial, sexual among all others. Importantly, we embrace diversity in form, thought and experience.

In our fiction films, we work with professional actors. We strongly reject the now common practice of casting ‘everyday’ people in fiction and narrative films (unless for highly compelling reasons).

We believe that filmmaking is an ART FORM. And we believe that when artistic films are made well, they achieve universal appeal and desired commercial outcomes.

Art does not need to be compromised to achieve the aims of commerce.