Ninety years from now the world is run by a centralised post-government entity known as The One Republic (TOR).

Citizens of TOR must obey the laws of its Constitution, originally set up to protect all citizens and to guide civic life. Citizens who are found to disobey the code of conduct are known as Aberrants and are taken to one of a few special facilities called Aberrant Rehabilitation Centres (ARCs), to undergo a psychological rehabilitation program. Inside the ARC, the program is delivered and controlled by a next generation AI system – SENSE-A – under the watchful eye of the Guardians, devout keepers and protectors of the hallowed TOR Constitution. Once rehabilitated, the Aberrants are able to rejoin the city and resume their civic duties under TOR.

Usually, the rehabilitation operations in TOR occur without a hitch.

But inside the ARC in the 3rd sector of the main city,there is unrest.

A newly arrived Aberrant, Marava, causes a stir within the facility when she begins to query some of the sacrosanct laws of TOR.

In her critique of the TOR law, she is joined by another recent arrival to the ARC, Morn. Marava and Morn soon become friends and begin to systematically challenge the Guardians on some of TOR’s deepest held beliefs. At the same time, Morn becomes the target of a personal vendetta by Guardian Morrick – with dire consequences. Incensed by the tragic events, Marava begins to organise the aberrants within the ARC with the aim of overthrowing the Guardians once and for all. But her plan is betrayed to the Guardians by another Aberrant, Morlock, and sadly Marava’s revolt comes to an abrupt end.

What she does next will change the course of history.


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